Tuesday, 8 February 2011

creating network applications in vb6(using winsock control)

This will add winsock control to your toolbox

Now drag and drop this control to your form,name it ws.
Add these controls to your form
CONTROL                                NAME                                CAPTION
command button                    cmdconnect                                connect
command button                    cmddisconnect                            Disconnect
command button                    cmdsend                                      send
command button                    cmdclear                                     Clear
command button                    cmdserver                                   Serve as server
listbox                                       list1                                            chat window
textbox                                     txtip
textbox                                     txtdata                                           
label                                         label1                                          Remote IP
label                                         label2                                          Enter Text below

your form should now look like this

Add following code to code window

save the project,make exe by ' FILE -> MAKE EXE ',run two instance of exe, on first one click on 'serve as server',from another connect to first one by providing ip address as '' & now both programs can chat.

You can chat with remote computers by running the exe on two different computers,serving as server on one and connecting to this from another.

I am giving links to source files for ready code.
simple chat program
Here is a 'link to file transfer & remote file browser' program.
file transfer & remote file browser 

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