Saturday, 20 October 2012

Selenium Web Driver to test websites

In this post I will write how to use selenium web driver to test the websites.Selenium  web driver allows us to drive the browser from the code supporting many languages like java , python etc.While it takes a little setup for chrome and ie,it works with firefox without any setup.I am using java to drive firefox browser.

The main goal of this post is to share code on how to design the test suite to make the code most reusable and also to make the testing reliable irrespective of user's connection speed.On to the design now :

The basic approach to design a test suite should be to create methods which automate elementary tasks and then to use these methods from the testing class and assert the results.This way the code developed for automating elementary tasks can be used by any potential testing client.For example : for website testing, tasks like logging in,logout,using various features of site like create post in blogger etc. can be put in a common class.

The test suite I developed is to test a salesforce app , so I will provide methods which helps doing login,selecting apps from the top right,selecting tabs,asserting page title etc.

Also I have overridden the selenium web driver's default methods like findElement() and some others to wait them for given time for page to load before throwing element not found kind of exceptions resulting from incomplete page load.

Please set the variable TIMEOUT according to connection speed.The logic behind waiting till timeout is the recursive call of the methods each after 1 sec.The methods exit after TIMEOUT if the desired elements are not found.